White Wine

HOUSE WINE – 6 oz glass $ 8.75 | bottle $34.95
Jackson-Triggs Estate Wines- Canada VQA
Chardonnay – This reserve is a crisp and fruity white with flavors of fresh pineapple and vanilla, with subtle notes
of light florals on the nose.

6 oz. Glass         Bottle

Santa Carolina – Sauvignon Blanc – Chile
Pale straw color, light herbaceous nose; crisp and refreshing citrus flavors with a clean finish.
$9.25             $36.95

Monkey Bay- Sauvignon Blanc- New Zealand
Pale lemon with brilliant clarity. Pineapple, mango, citrus and green capsicum leap out of the glass.
$12.45             $49.95

Inniskillin – Sauvignon Blanc – VQA Niagara Canada
On the nose bright citrus aromatics of lemon lime & grapefruit, flavours of lemongrass, peach & melon.
$12.25            $48.95

Woodbridge – Lightly Oaked Chardonnay- California
Citrus and green apple notes on the nose. Finishes with a refreshing lemony expression on the palate. A light touch of oak aging.
$9.45              $37.95

Baron Philippe De Rothschild – Chardonnay – France
Lively & fresh, white fruit flavours with hazelnut & mineral. Aromas of white peach blossom & toasted almonds
$11.25            $44.95

Inniskillin – Pinot Grigio – VQA Niagara Canada
Aromatics of green apple and lemon lime. A touch of residual sweetness with tropical flavors.
$9.95             $39.95

McGuigan Black Label – Pinot Grigio – Australia
Refreshing with delightful flavors of ripe pear and green apple, with a clean citrus finish.
$9.95             $39.95

Ruffino Lumina – Pinot Grigio – Italy
Pale green-gold colour, mineral, citrus, herbal aromas & pineapple. Citrus, pear, lemon and herb flavours.
$11.95           $46.95

Inniskillin – Riesling- VQA Niagara Canada
Floral aromatics, flavors of lime, green apple and peach with a touch of sweetness.
$9.7             $38.95

Badisher – Gewurztraminer- Baden, Germany
Pale yellow color; floral and spicy aromas, soft semi-sweet fruit flavor.
$10.75             $42.95

Woodbridge – White Zinfandel Rose – California
Pale pink color; fresh berry aroma with a soft dry finish.
$9.95             $39.95

Inniskillin Vidal Icewine – VQA Niagara, Canada
Creamy peach, candied citrus peel & honey flavours.
2 oz. glass $24.95         375ml bottle $149.95

Prices may change without notice - 04/18